• Education is divided into four levels
    • Pre-School education (Educação Infantil)
      • development of children under 6
      • 1st to 8th grade (mandatory)
    • Fundamental Education/ Elementry (Ensino Fundamental)
      • children ages 6-14
      • core curriculum consisting of Portugese, History, Geography, Science, Mathematics, Arts and Physical Education
      • years 6, 7, 8 and 9, one or two foreign languages (usually English and Spanish)
    • Secondary Education (Ensino Médio)
      • minimum is 2,200 hours of coursework over 3 years
      • Recently Philosophy and Sociology, which were banned during the military dictatorship
      • manditoy inorder to continue on to a higher education
    • Higher Education (Ensino Superior)
      • University, 4 to 5 years

  • 40% of the elementry students then continue onto three years of secondary education
  • Brazils top universities are very difficult to get into
  • Foreign languages are usually taught after 4th grade in public schools Most private schools teach English at all levels
    Foreign communities in Brazil have their own schools in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro:
    o American
    o German
    o French
    o British
    o Italian
    o Protestant (English)
    o Catholic (English)
  • Currently a crisis with education being worked on by government
    • they are trying to spend more money on schools
    • making longer hours
    • providing food at school
Federal University of Paraná in Curitiba.