· Languages of Brazil
o Portuguese is spoken by nearly 100 percent of the population

o Except for foreigners that have come to brazil that haven’t learned Portuguese yet
§ Including people from Japan and South Korea

The Portuguese spoken in Brazil is much different than the Portuguese spoken in Portugal
§ Just how the English spoken in American is different than the English spoken in the United Kingdom

Writing is complex, and very difficult to learn
§ Because it is so much different than the spoken language

English is studied in schools
§ English replaced French as the second most spoken language

People who can speak Portuguese can understand Spanish, but people who speak Spanish can’t understand Portuguese.

Nonverbal/Verbal Communication
o Brazilians have a relaxed attitude towards time
§ It is not mandatory to be on time in the Brazilian Culture

Changes in plans are very common
§ The believe that things will get done no matter what

§ during conversations is common
§ hug, kiss, hold hands, and shaking hands, and patting during greetings

It is common for Brazilian people to kiss on both cheeks during greetings
§ This is with Family, Friends, Relatives, and even acquaintances

Avoiding eye to eye contact shows respect

o Students greet teachers with a kiss

o Personal space is not emphasized